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stacker - NATF1050-55-60

  • Performance & Characteristics
    ※ Model: NATF1050-55-60

    1.Equipped with Weichai Engine and other options
    2. High quality self-made hydraulic gearbox and driving axle.
    3. Choose best hydraulic components, pilot operation, easy and durable.
    4. Strong and durable frame, have the automatic flat function in high place.
    5. (Quick change )option attachment: wooden fork, pipe, pallet fork, grass fork, rock bucket, bigger bucket, snow bucket, mixing bucket etc
    6. Luxurious cab, cab rollover, easy to keep and operate.
    7. Changeable luxurious meter, air conditioner, back camera, more comfortable for driving.
    8. High pressure and safer air assist disc brake braking system
    9. According to clients request, customize higher dumping and longer arm products.



NATF1050-1055-1060 narrow aisle 3way stacker was designed to improve operator comfort, performance, and productivity, all while meeting Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB emission standards.Great Increase the storage capacity of you current warehouse;also can create extra space within the same storage capacity. The Performance Series Buckets enhance visibility and decrease cycle times. The unmatched, high-class cab creates a comfortable, efficient, safe, and productive operator environment. The innovative engine is optimized for maximum fuel efficiency and increased power density while meeting all Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB emission standards. The reliability, durability, and versatility of the NATF1050-55-60 result in a machine that is better built to meet your needs. Provided by Hafe International Limited.
Details Of 3-Way Pallet Stacker NATF

Standard Features:
Drive wheel display; Side loading battery; Guide wheel; PU solid tyres; High mast display; Curtis Instrument;
AC Drive Motor; Curtis Accelerator; Soft Waist Pad; Albright Contactor; Curtis Controller; Chinese Battery;
Shimadzu valve and lift pump; Intelligent Charger; KDS Drive motor; Eaton Steering gear ; White steering motor and side moving motor;
FAAM Battery; Cold system;

1.With full hydraulic power steering system,using mechanical
brake and electromagnetic regenerative brake to let fork turning
180 degree,move left or right by multiway vavle;

2.Rear axle locking device: to enhance the safety when fork lifting
and side moving,to ensure the frame more stable during side stacking;

3.Mast Soft landing & shock absorption mast;the Speed at which the
forks are lowered is reduced just Before the forks reach the ground
(soft lading function),It’s can reduce the sound and shock
experienced when the forks are lowered,

4.With fork HD display and drive wheel display,non-blind area,make it
smoothest and easiest to use in the business;

5. With German Krupp Chanel steel,to ensure have high-strength and
durable structure mast;


Specification for NATF1050-1055-1060 stacker

3-Stage full free Mast
Model Remark Unit ES10-45 ES10-50 ES10-55 ES10-60 ES10-65 ES10-70 ES10-75
Height---Mast  Lowered h3 mm 2750 2917 3084 3250 3417 3584 3750
Height-Mast Extended  H4 mm 5525 6025 6525 7025 7525 8025 8525
Height--Free Lift H2 mm 1780 1948 2114 2280 2448 2614 2780

Model   NATF1050-1055-1060
Power Type   Battery
Operate Type   Stand-on
Rated Capacity  Q(kg) 1000
Load center   C(mm) 500
Wheel Type-Front/Rear   PU Polyurethane solid tire
Front Wheel  mm φ140×100
Drive wheel mm φ380×165
Rear Wheel   mm φ204×76
Tyres No. -front/drive /swivel caster   4 / 1X / 2
Fork Tilt Angle----Upward/Downward--deg. α/β(º) /
Lift Height  h1(mm) 6000
Height--Free Lift  h2(mm) 2280
Height---Mast  Lowered h3(mm) 3250
Hegith-Mast Extended h4(mm) 7025
Height-Overhead guard--mm h5(mm) 2320
Height--seat to overhead guard h6(mm) 1888
Mast Min Ground Clearance h7(mm) 50
Overall Length (Fork 0º /90º 11(mm) 3764/2890
sway distance 12(mm) 1160
Wheel Base y(mm) 1604
Front Overhang x(mm) 855
Overall Width  b1 1450
Tread Front/rear b3/b4(mm) 1210/726
Fork Dimensions mm 1070*100*35
Width across forks b5(mm) 260-756
Aisle width for pallet 1000*1000 Ast(mm) 1510
Aisel width for pallet 1200(deep)*1000mm Ast(mm) 1710
Trurning radius Wa(mm) 1880
Travel Speed -laden/unladen  km/h 7.0/8.0
Lift Speed  -laden/unladen mm/s 180/315
Lowering speed -laden/unladen mm/s /
Max. Gradeability -laden/unladen % ≤7
Drive Motor type   AC
Driving Motor  (S2 60) kw 5.5
Lift motor type   DC
Lift Motor   (S3 15%) kw 7.5
Battery  V/AH V/AH 48/400
Battery kg 650
Service Weight kg 5100
Steering type   Full hydraulic
Parking Brake model   Mechanical disc brake
Parking Operation type   release braking
Service Brake-Operation type   release braking
    Battery side loading
Warranty:                                                                                                      1).  12 month for frame,pump,controller,motor with right operation;
2).  12 months for battery and changer;
3).  easy-broken items not in our responsibility,like wheel,bearing,carbon brush,  friction disk,ignition switch,wire,plastic parts etc;